Andrew Loretto  Creative Producer, Right Up Our Street

James has been the main documentary photographer for phase 1 of Right Up Our Street running 2013-16. During this time he has covered a huge range of participatory arts and performance projects - indoors and outdoors, from small to large-scale, in all weather conditions and times of day. James' most successful work for us has captured the interaction of participants, artists and space to great effect and we were delighted to display a large-scale exhibition of James' Right Up Our Street work at Cast in autumn 2015.

Helen Jones  Arts Development Manager for Exhibitions at The Point

The documentary photography that James does for me is always brilliant. He manages to capture real moments of engagement and interaction between people, whether I'm asking him to photograph large scale events or small creative workshops. He can place himself right at the heart of the action, which really gives a feel for what is going on. The recent exhibition launch shots he took for me, will be used on all publicity material for the national tour.

Graham Whitehead  Head of Marketing & Communications, Cast Theatre

James captures moments that are not easy to catch.  Through his brilliant skill he takes photos that tell stories; he is able to capture images that have emotion, depth and character all of their own – something we depend on to capture the true essence of live performance and participation – moments which would otherwise just be memories. Whether through our large scale Main Space productions or in smaller spaces, James has the skill to deliver first class photography and we would highly recommend him.

Matt Ellis  Honcho Agency

James is our first choice for photography projects. His pictures capture more than just the moment. His work evokes feeling, emotion and depth - connecting the viewer to the subject like not many others can. This natural talent for creating beautiful images, backed up with his technical knowledge and attention to detail are just a few reasons why we're constantly delighted with the work he produces for us.

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